Chicken Emergency

August 21, 2016


 Fat Joe was unknowingly bleeding, Aimee found blood on Pistols head and this started a panic attack to find where the blood was coming from, Nothing above pistol's head, nothing to the right or left, Wait! We found it, one of the chickens was bleeding, Turns out Fat Joe had somehow caught his rear talon on the top board of a stall, and all but dislodged the thing from his right leg. It was hanging by a thread, Brother Jim was on the road, so we called Sister and she came up and well a few phone calls later we ended up in the banquet hall kitchen with flour and gravy thickener and a handkerchief cut into strips trying to stop the bleeding, but with no soldering iron, back to the stables we tromped. I heated a screwdriver tip til it was blue, burned the wound to cauterize it and then added more gravy thickener(aka corn starch) to the wound. After packing it with a couple pinches of corn starch we bandaged it with  a roll of paper towels and a strip of handkerchief. Fat Joe went home with sister that night and has since returned to his 330 am waking Cockadoodledoo! Let that get you up on a daily basis. Gotta love Farm Life!

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