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Planning a wedding in Missouri

When one is choosing a wedding venue in Missouri, You must first ask yourself if you want a country wedding, barn wedding, or rustic wedding, most weddings are not of the formal type anymore and most, more than most, want to have one hell of a good time after the wedding, including the bride and groom. Once you decide on the type of wedding, you need to choose a venue in Missouri, Ol MacDonalds Farm is just that venue, well we have three venues, sure to fit any budget, We are a family owned and operated farm located in Savannah Missouri. Our first and foremost activities are Weddings, Receptions and Catering, in that order, i love planning weddings and gathering ideas and setting down with the bride and groom to decide what is going to be on the menu and what the venue will look like the night of the event.

If you want this kind of personal attention, Ol MacDonalds Farm is where you need to start. Book your special day with us. I handle approximately 70-80 weddings per year and have heard it all. Believe me, Murphy's law does apply here. If it can happen it will happen. But please don't spend a half hour writing a bad review hunting and pecking each key of the entire 500 word bad review, mention it to me during the event, i will take care of it, I promise. You are not dollar signs to me, nor a number, You are my guests, and I was taught growing up that you needed to be answered and treated with the utmost respect while you are in my house. Remember this when choosing a venue and choosing your caterer. #weddings #receptions #rusticweddings #countryweddings #barnweddings #olmacdonaldsfarm #brides #grooms #catering #caterer #northwestmissouri #missouriweddingvenue #rvpark #campground #savannahcampground #rvparksavannah

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