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Something to do

Ol MacDonalds Farm is having a haunted hayride October 21-31,2016. Tickets are $10 from 5-9 PM included is Hay Mountain, Hay Ride(kid friendly), trip through the petting zoo and the S'Mores station.

Tickets are available at the Concession stand near stables starting October 21-31, 2016. Other rides available include train ride $3 per person bouncy house $3 per person spinning apple ride $3 per person.

Haunted hay ride t-shirts will be available at the concession stand.

Concessions will be available during operating hours October 21-31, 2016. We will have hot dogs, polish sausage, kettle corn, pop corn, hot chocolate, soda in a can, bottled water and nachos. Debit & Credit cards accepted for purchases over $25.

Stay with us.

You’ll be most comfortable at Ol MacDonalds Farm in Savannah. Call 816-324-0506 to reserve your spot, or stop by our website for more information. Be sure to like our Facebook page. We look forward to meeting you.

Hope to see you all there. Be sure to like our Facebook page @olmacds, Twitter @olmacds Instagram @olmacds and join our Friends of the Farm group on Facebook.

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