• Bill Whited

It Happens

I went after a bolt and clevis pin! My sister gives me a shout on the cell and asks, "did you know you had a baby alpaca on the ground?" I was grasping for straws in thin air, Alpacas give birth standing up. I got a crash course in after birth and delivery of baby alpacas in about 2 mins. Went and snatched up the baby in the grass lot and had momma follow into a stable stall. Where they would be safe. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I felt the baby alpacas. Heart Rhythm normal, breathing normal, lots of hair, normal! I didn't have to breathe life into her, that's a good thing. I was finally slowing down. Now to baby proof a stall! Not quite a week later and all is well. That's farm life

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