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Farm Life

Farm life is about the life and times of a stable keeper in Savannah, Mo, not the My Farm Life game produced by Big Fish Games. That made me chuckle.

1930's Farm Life

The Great Depression changed every living being life, if you grew up on the great plains in the United States of America, You helped change America. Weather touched every part of life in the 30's. Most county farms in Pennsylvania at that didnt have heat, light or indoor bathrooms, like of those people who lived in town. Many farm families raised most of their own food--eggs, chickens, milk, beef, and cows, and vegetables from their very own garden.

People who grew up during that time period were broke, and not just broke, but actually broke, they didn't have any money. Neighbors helped each other out through hard times, sickness, accidents, inclement weather. Farm Families got together with neighbors at schools, dances, picnics, church. Most found a way to have fun for free. Tossing horse shoes, listening to the radio, and on occasional when they had a spare nickel, a trip to town for an outdoor movie.

Nowadays, most farms are run by computerized equipment, and their is very little hands on activity. Most family farms are gone by the wayside. Few survived the 80 years since the Great Depression.

Now lots of farms have gone solar, have mechanized feeding equipment, have computerized tractors that now what they are planting and where each seed is. Most don't till crops any longer, its all no-till.

People need to reconnect to the earth and start farming and gardening again. Its a sad day when a child says, "What's that?" while pointing at a cow. And that's all for today. That's Farm Life.

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