• Bill Whited

Farm Animals

Did you know that farm animals and our pets have a lot in common? Just like our pets, farm animals are intelligent, social and depend on people for proper food, shelter and care. Some of the most common farm animals are pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, mules, domestic ducks, and geese.

Fun Facts

  • Pigs can smell really well. They help farmers look for truffles, and the occasional pig has been known to help police look for drugs, pigs have also been enlisted by the military to search for landmines

  • Cows use their tails to swat flies and to communicate with each other.

  • Chickens cluck to their baby's while they are still in the egg.

  • Geese choose a mate for life

  • Horses are very smart and at one time were an integral part of our military in the United States.

What Farm animals need

  • Space to run, walk and play and graze

  • clean water to drink

  • healthy food to eat

  • a comfortable place to rest

  • shelter from bad weather

  • veterinary checks once in a while to make sure they are healthy

Just like out pets, these farm animals have feelings and emotions as well, its best to get to know them on a person to animal level, so they don't fear you. Just like our dogs and cats, animals want to be taken care of by responsible people. Even if you don't have a farm animal, you can still help by teaching others what you learn about them. This is why we should adopt and rescue animals from all over.

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