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Peppy the Donkey

peppy the donkey

Have you ever seen that animal, that you just couldn't leave behind? Peppy is that guy! He was that guy, now he is the mascot for the veterans camp located here at Ol MacDonalds Farm. Peppy was a tad on the small side, severely underweight and his hooves need some serious work from a very experienced and professional farrier. But peppy is gaining weight and eating a steady diet of oats, cracked corn and sweet feed, along with some forage supplement, the good stuff, Alfalfa and some long stem hay. See its nearing the first of September and he hasn't even started his winter coat yet. Donkeys aren't like horses, they start their winter coat long before horses. Peppy has this awesome hee haw.

Here he is, doing his best hee haw and farting at the same time. Well that's all for now, that's farm life. #farmlife Got to love them long ears! He has these great big beautiful brown ears that almost feel like felt. Peppy is approximately 6 years of age, as his wolf teeth haven't started appearing just yet. He is pure black in color except the grey on his muzzle and the grey on the front of his chest and near his hind quarters, but that could just be from age. Peppy was gelded so we could put him out to pasture, he is broke to ride, but is still a bit to thin to put a saddle on. Well that's all for now, toodaloo!

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