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Meet the owners

Rob and Cindy Barker own Ol' MacDonalds Farm. I've known Rob and Cindy for about 26+ years, they have been really good friends for a really really long time. They are just good honest people trying to make a living and do things the right way.

Rob & Cindy Barker

Rob an investment entrepreneur, real estate mogul, handyman, drywall man, farm manager, what ever you want to call him, he has a heart of gold. He may be a plumber one week and an dry wall hanger the next. He is good people, he came from St Joseph, Near Oak Ridge Estates off 12th & Messanie, he knows what it is like to do without, to have and have not. He spends his days fixing up properties and collecting rents, mowing grass and fetching what ever needs fetching. Sometimes fetching a bolt and nut can lead to going to Branson, and back for the right item which was at Menard's in St Joseph Mo, but an emergency with something or another might take him that way before he gets back to you with that bolt and nut.

Cindy, a licensed boarding home administrator, Registered Nurse, Wedding Coordinator, Farm Manager, RV Park Manager, will get right in the dirt with you and help you step for step if that is what it takes to get the job done, She is like a sister to me. Awesome, outgoing person, with an A+ attitude for life.

They have kids and grand kids that keep them busy most of the time, which is why i am here as a stable manager, marketing director, lawn boy, water boy, what ever fits the bill at the time of the need.

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