• Billy Whited

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​​My name is Billy , I am a freelance writer, I've written about many things over the years. I wrote as Whiteaxe's Cut, a daily gold blog about the US Sargeras Auction House and anything related to World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor and the soon to be released Legion. I am also an old school gamer.

Yes, i like text-based role playing games, Gemstone IV, one of the very best for 30+ years, i have been a part of that community for 25+ years. I was a truck driver in Kansas City for many years, driving an old 75 Kenworth Dumptruck, hauling asphalt, then i got itch in my britches and went over the road, Drove over the road for quite a few years, and after a wreck in Tennessee, decided i had, had enough. No more trucking for me, I am now the stable boy, lawn boy, Stable Manager, Marketing Director, what ever fits the bill at the time of the need, i can probably handle it. Jack of All, Master of none.

That should be my farm life tag line! You can follow me on Facebook with the #farmlife tag, I am always posting pictures, posting tidbits of information, i do like to write.

Blogging is "my" keep me from going insane tool. It helps expressing myself without limitation, except the written word. When i was a young man, I had trouble expressing my emotions. I don't have that problem any longer but writing does help.

But anyways a little bit more about me, well about my hounds, Oscar & Kate, they are like a part of me, if you see them, soon you will see me. Oscar an 11 year old long haired red dachshund is my buddy for life, he has gone everywhere, you know that song, I have been everywhere? He can sing it literally. Katee Lynn, my soon to be 13 year old wiener, was the love of my life's dog. They keep me busy, and by busy i mean, war torn and tattered for wear most of the time. See I believe in Karma.

Karma is all about what you put out there in life, is what you get back, and I follow this with my hounds and in life. I don't use a leash, I really don't scold them, because i want them to want to be around me. I don't let them have bad habits, but Oscar has one. This guy has huge karma.

I swear to God, he has nine lives, just like a cat. Rob has rescued him from under a shed, Rob helped me after he was out on walkabout on his own for 12 days, had to recuperate him back to life basically, and Rob fetched him just the other day, he was down at the implement shed, taking notes on the whereabouts of rabbits and hedge hogs and ground hogs. Katee on the other hand, is my stable, side by side companion, who lost her soul mate. I think she is over that now, but you never know, know one knows what a dogs brain is thinking at this very moment.

And right now, I know they are both thinking, its 530 in the morning, time to get moving dad, lets go, we have animals to feed, chickens to chase, alpacas to harass. My aunt Jo, whom i love dearly, for she is my fathers sister. I am very attached to her. I love this mountain she lives on. She said, just today, "never a dull moment with you is there", and i replied, "no, not here at the farm, there is always something to do". But that's farm life!

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