• Cindy Barker

Meet Roxie

Roxie, an 11 year old sorrel mare. 16 hands and 1200 lbs of pure locomotive. Yes, she looks like a train coming at you, 90 miles an hour, straight at you. She has issues, chewing on things. Oh, what a coincidence. Sugar does this same thing. Roxie came to us from a Facebook group for sale post out of New Market, Iowa.

Beautiful horse, not so easy to get on. It takes a 5 gallon bucket and some good luck to get on this horse. She is like riding a barrel. If you can do such a thing, you can ride a barrel, cant you? Bobbi rode her last night. She was full of piss and vinegar, wanted to be rowdy, after a few steps and some neck flexing, she will step right on out.

I got on her, I am getting old and do not want to have to do too much with a horse, besides ride and feed, water, bathe, clip and trim hooves. I do all that anyways. I am after all here for that exact reason, the caretaker at Ol MacDonalds Farm. Well, there are other reasons. But anyways back to Roxie. Roxie is very smart. Has lots of horse sense, good conformation, sound hooves, and if you can get on a horse, you can ride her, but that's farm life.

Roxie will have her work cut out for her once the veterans PTSD camp gets off the ground. If you stop by to meet Roxie, have an apple in your hand, she loves them. I think she much prefers a golden delicious apple over a sweet red or a Granny Smith.

Well that's all for now, time to get up get breakfast on the griddle and throw a pretend rock at that rooster who is crowing, Fat Joe, but that's farm life.

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