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  • Bill Whited

Meet Herbie

Fetched a newly weaned calf this morning, his name, Rob named him, "Herbie" , he is a miniature Longhorn Bull Calf, we got him just a few days ago, and after suffering from the tremendous loss of his mother at 2 months old, he has weaned himself from the bottle and is full on eating grain and grass. It was a rough couple of days, but i think we are through the worst of the balling and sulking. He comes out into the runway of an evening time for pictures and a few extra nibbles of grain. Oh yes, Herbie loves attention now. But a few days ago, he laid out there in the grass overseeing his domain with a sneer and a hatred for the stable manager. Did you know miniature longhorns could jump?

NO, didn't see that one coming. We were working with Herbie in the stables and had him in a stable, he wanted out, Rob was up vising with his grand kids, and Mason had just left the area and Herbie decided he was going too. He cleared the gate and Rob's shoulder. landed smoothly and ended up in the tool room. After fetching him back to his stable the next day, I put him in the grass lot with the Alpacas, Sheep, Goats, and Ducks. Since then, he has done fine.

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