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  • Billy Whited

Poodle Shaped Thingymajob!

Sugar looked at them, they looked at Sugar, and Sugar said to me in neighs and whinny's, "What do you call those things standing over there?". Well the night before Cindy said, i bought a bunch of alpacas from Mercer Mo, go get them.

Northwest Missouri Alpacas

So off we went. Brother Jim and I fetched 5 females and 1 male alpaca. the first five loaded, like taking candy from a baby. The last one however, decided she was not going anywhere, and laid down and played dead. No worries, they only way max 150 lbs. We picked her butt up, carried her to the trailer and loaded her up and she still played dead even after seeing the other five in the trailer, it took a few minutes but up she came. So off we headed for home. It seems unloading them was an easy task, but where to put them. We stalled them for the night, it was late when we returned. the very next day, i let them out int​​o the grass lot. I started working on the book that the previous owner had sent me home with. Its chocked full of information. I am an information nut, so be it, I got on the web, i searched high and low and found all kinds of information. Turns out the Alpaca community is young in Missouri and well, they are somewhat to very helpful with tons of information. See when someone sells you an Alpaca, they are supposed to mentor you, I guess my mentoring was a book on alpacas. Alpacas have this awesome hair that grows really thick, you can cut it,shear them once a year, in the spring, make rugs, clothes all kinds of goodies from their "wool". You can also sell their dung, i hear it makes awesome fertilizer for organic farmers. Perhaps this might be a profitable adventure. Well that's Farm Life.

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